and Animals Asia
together until
the cruelty ends!

Since the very beginning, when we founded Miomojo in 2012,
we started our journey with Animals Asia - the wonderful international
organization active in closing down the bear bile farms,
one of the worst atrocities perpetrated on innocent animals.
We proudly support them with 10% of our net profit.

To know more about it, please go http://www.animalsasia.org

You buy
We give!

You buy
We give!

You buy - We give!

2012 - 3.200 USD
2013 - 13.500 USD
2014 - 18.000 USD
2015 - 20.000 USD
2016 - 23.000 USD

 We support Animals Asia with donations on every single product sold.
You buy - we give! The collected amount is used to finance specific concrete
projects decided together with the wonderful team of Animals Asia,
depending on what is most needed.

In 2012 - our first year - 
we were able contribute with a small amount that helped to cover
the costs of 7 health-checks and dentistry routine examinations.
Our first steps towards a cruelty-free world.

to find out how, in supporting Miomojo,
you have helped us to donate a total of 77.700 USD to Animals Asia
since we started our partnership at the end 2012.
We just want say thank you to every single buyer
and customer who chose Miomojo. Grazie mille!

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Supported Projects

Supported Projects

Supported Projects

in the first part of the year we funded essential
construction works in an ex bear bile farm in Nanning.
This provided constant source of fresh water for the bears to drink,
refresh in the over 50 degrees heat and play in.
Read the whole story here:

Nanning water supply

This year we also gave a big part of our 10%
of net profit as “unrestricted funds” asking Animals Asia to use them
for other programs, where they are making a difference,
such as captive animal welfare.

We feel very strongly about closing down zoos, 
safari parks andanywhere that animals are suffering a range of abuse.
We hope you feel the same way.
More here:

Another small step forward

With almost 20.000 USD collected in 2014,
we were able to provide medications for 63 bears for 2 months,
treating conditions such as osteoarthritis,
kidney disease, heart disease, to name just a few.
Also 8000 meals could be funded, which means
we fed 110 bears for about 1,2 months!
Read more on our blog

Miomojo covered the logistic costs of UK eye specialists
in both rescue centers in China and Vietnam,
checking all eye cases and in some cases
giving our bears their sight back!

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Raising Public Awareness

Raising Public Awareness

Raising Public Awareness:
together we can make a difference!

We believe that everyone can make a difference
and organizations/businesses must contribute
in their own way to make this world a bit better place for everyone.
We believe in compaigning passionately for animals rights,
engaging with our consumers to support
projects to stop cruelties to animals around the world
and therefore making this planet a better place for everybody.

Through our product labels, blogs and catalogues,
we do all we can to spread the word and
contribute to growth of the public awareness.
All together we can change the world!


Special collections "Miomojo for Animals Asia"

Special collections "Miomojo for Animals Asia"

Special collections "Miomojo
for Animals Asia"


Every year we design a free of charge exclusive
collection for Animal Asia’s online shop.
100% of sales proceedings goes to Animals Asia.

Buy your Miomojo for Animals Asia charity gift here!

End of 2015 we opened our online shop
with a Limited Edition “Miomojo for Animals Asia”. 
The new limited edition product line features pencil cases,
make-up bags, cosmetic bags, wash bags,
backpacks, tote bags and a weekend bag,
and 20 per cent of the proceeds from sales
will be donated to Animals Asia! 

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Visits at Animals Asia Bear
Rescue Centers

Visits at Animals Asia Bear 
Rescue Centers

Visits at Animals Asia Bear
Rescue Centers.

The bears saved by Animals Asia can now live a second
life in peace and with the best care in 2 Rescue
centers, with one in China and one in Vietnam.

We visited the centers and met the bears survived to years
of torture and saw the the amazing work of Jill Robinson
(founder of Animals Asia) and the whole incredibly committed team at Animals Asia.

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