Miomojo vegan bags

We always strive to be kinder to the planet and that's why since 2022, 100% of our products are made exclusively from recycled materials or innovative, partly organic, innovative materials.

At the moment, we proudly offer products made of:

- Innovative leather-like materials coming from apple waste, cactus, corn.

- Recycled materials

- Natural Fibers


Miomojo. Fashion, conscious.

Miomojo made from apples

Cruelty free leather-like innovative materials.
Fashion, without fashion victims

We are proudly cruelty-free and we use only high-qualitative, certified, bio-based, partly organic and upcycled innovative materials. 100% vegan, 100% style.

Made recycled plastic bottles

Recycled materials.
Finding wealth in waste.

Regenerating what’s already available is a moral imperative. We already use materials from recycled glass, recycled plastic, recycled fish nets and investigating innovative materials made from leftovers from the food industry, such as apple, coffee and more. Our recycled materials are certified GRS.

Miomojo natural fibers

Natural Fibers.
Preserving our habitat.

For our natural lines, we use bamboo, linen and hemp, all materials that require less water and pesticides to grow, unlike cotton which we phased out in 2018. Designed with you, the animals and our planet in mind.