More than a brand: a dream

Being a certified B Corp and a plant-based company, we already meet high standards of sustainability.
For us, sustainability means, first and foremost, respect and awareness:
a new way of doing business that takes a holistic approach with the aim of leaving a world that is kinder than how we found it.


We are certified B Corp™

Miomojo is a Benefit Company, an expression of a more evolved business paradigm: in addition to profit, our social object also includes the aim of a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

Since 2022 we have been a B Corporation. Certified B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Only 5,200 companies worldwide hold this certification and, together, we are transforming the global economy to benefit all people communities and the planet.

A dream.
More than a business.



Greater transparency, less impact

With a thorough lifecycle assessment (LCA), we have measured and evaluated the environmental impact of our products, using the cradle-to-gate approach: from extraction of materials to production gate, including transport and packaging use.

As it doesn't need to be hard to understand, we made it simple. Please click here for an example. Water use, global warming, eutrophication* and resource use (fossils) were measured and the results were compared with its industry standard. We then used concrete impact equivalences (how many water bottles, how many driven kilometres, how many bulbs on…) to make our impact very transparent.

Our goal is to achieve a LCA from cradle-to-grave, from the material extraction to end-of-life waste management.

*Accumulation of phosphates and nitrates released by the use of pesticides, fertilisers, detergents and other chemicals in an ecosystem. The increase in their concentration in water bodies leads to algae proliferation, altering the ecosystem and reducing its biodiversity

Thoughtfully produced.
Inside and out.


1% for the Planet

It all started when two businessmen met and bonded over their shared love of the outdoors. Realising their responsibility to protect our planet, they decided to give 1% of their sales back to the environment – whether or not they made a profit.

In 2002 Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Blue Ribbon Flies founder Craig Mathews created 1% for the Planet and started a global movement.

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental organisations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. The aim of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organisations, so that collectively they can be a more powerful source for solving the world’s problems.

We are proud to be a member of this movement, committing to donate the equivalent of 1% of gross sales to our environmental partners.


DHL GoGreen

For all our deliveries we use DHL GoGreen, a DHL worldwide environmental protection program, which main goal is to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants. This enables us to guarantee climate-neutral shipping, offsetting our CO2 emissions by contributing to climate protection projects worldwide.

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