LIONSROCK: Freedom found again

At Miomojo we are always looking for ways to make the world a better place, and we're proud to support charitable initiatives through our giving back programme.

You buy, we give

Every year, we support global charities and carefully selected local initiatives for animal welfare around the world with 10% of proceeds from our on line and off line sales of vegan bags, made from apple skin, corn skin and other cruelty-free and plant based innovative materials. At the check out, our clients can directly choose one of the organizations that will receive the donation between five of our most trusted: FOUR PAWS International, Animals Asia, PETA Germany, Mercy for Animals or Capra Libera Tutti.

We know directly this five great organizations we support, and the Miomojo’s Team visit them regularly to witness with their own eyes their incredible job. This year the choice fell on a very special project: Four Paws’ Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary. Our CEO, Claudia Pievani, visited the sanctuary to witness the amazing work done by the organisation – and to shoot Miomojo's Spring Summer campaign (stay tuned!). 

Big cats: fascinating, majestic...and often abused by humans.

Tigers, leopards, lions, and other big cats are often revered – yet commonly end up in abusive situations such as roadside zoos, travelling circuses, and the exotic-pet trade. Currently, there are more big cats in captivity in the United States than there are in the wild, meaning that for many of these beautiful, intelligent animals, life is a daily nightmare. Living in captivity is extremely stressful for these naturally freedom-seeking animals, who are often driven to insanity in confinement, resulting in abnormal behaviours and depression. Animal rescue groups work to free them from their ordeal – but the issue remains having a place for them to go, as returning them to the wild is often not an option. For many of these animals, a reputable and accredited sanctuary remains the best way to live out their lives. 

Animal protection organisation Four Paws is dedicated to help big cats live a life of freedom – and their South African sanctuary, Lionsrock, is a home to over 100 tigers, lions, jaguars, and other animals coming from safari parks, circuses, and zoos. Having taken over the property in 2006, Four Paws aims to give the animals a life that resembles their natural habitats as closely as possible. All enclosures are several hectares in size, consisting of open grassland with trees and bushes, to replicate the environments that most feel like home to the animals. Structures are in place to allow the animals shelter from the elements, but at the same the area is planned so that they are never in a corner and always have the feeling that there are no borders. 

To prevent more big-cat suffering, Lionsrock also works on education, spreading the word on why cub-petting attractions, as well as safari parks and zoos, are detrimental to wild animals. The sanctuary also educates on how, due to human activity, big cats are threatened in the wild. Their goal is to foster understanding for these animals, whom we are often fascinated by, but commonly know very little about.  

“Just the thought of having seen these big cats who can feel grass for the first time is unbelievable,” says Claudia.

“This is a place with an incredibly peaceful energy, and watching these animals living their lives in freedom, in an environment that's appropriate for them, is like a thousand hours of meditation.”

We're glad and relieved that projects like Lionsrock exist!

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