The More You Buy, The More We Give:
Our Loyalty Program for a Kinder World

Make a Difference with Every Purchase
Welcome to our loyalty program, where each purchase you make transforms into an act of generosity. It's simple: the more you purchase, the more you contribute to changing the world.

How it works

Every time you shop with us, 10% of the amount spent is automatically allocated to our Partner Associations for the welfare and protection of animals.

Today, we add even more value to your donation by making the total of donations transparently accumulated with each purchase in support of the animal associations that we together decide to support.

We want you to see the change you're helping to make. It's our way of putting the motto "You Buy, We Give" into practice.

Program Benefits

and Donate

Every purchase contributes to a cause we love. The more you buy, the more you help.


Collect donations and reach fundraising goals (50, 100, and 150€) to receive exclusive rewards, unique products, and other surprises.

Become a Supporter,
Activist, Ambassador

Members of our Loyalty Program are our closest friends, who together with us, are building a kinder world.

Transparent Impact

We are a B Corp, we believe in total transparency. Join us in creating a better future for animals. Sign up for our loyalty program today and make a difference with every purchase.

Join the Movement:
Every Purchase is an Act of Kindness!

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