Ethics meets Aesthetics

This is the story of fashion accessories that represent a way of life and authentic values – accessories that are born to look good and to feel good about, accessories that are worn to make a statement.

This is a story of passion, compassion and determination to disrupt the status quo and to bring people and animals together in mutual respect.
It is a story of drive and creativity, of millions of steps towards a more responsible and loving future. It is a story of finding new ways to create beautiful things that become a lifestyle.

This is a story in which ethics meets aesthetics. It is the story of those who believe in love and a new way of doing business, a new way of living – reshaping it, day after day.


Who we are

We are a vegan Benefit Company and a certified B Corporation based in Bergamo, Italy, which designs and produces cruelty-free accessories made with love – for you, for our planet and for
all living beings.

Miomojo is much more than a business though. We aspire to being a 100% ethical business, creating beautiful fashion pieces that value style, value lives – of animals and humans – and value
our home, the planet.

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What we believe

Our relationship with nature is broken, but relationships can change.

We believe in change. We believe that fashion can and must contribute to a different way of doing business, a different lifestyle, in which ethics meets aesthetics.

We steadfastly believe that kindness towards the planet and all living beings has to be at the heart of every business – now more than ever.

We believe the best way
to build a kinder world,
is to design it.

Miomojo awards

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