Apple Skin: Why Vegan Leather Made from Apples is the Future

After long-standing tenure as one of fashion's cornerstones, animal leather is now under meticulous scrutiny. With the increasing awareness of the impact of animal agriculture on the planet, the fashion industry is gradually realizing that animal leather production significantly contributes to problems such as soil and water pollution, extensive water consumption, global warming, and deforestation as a byproduct of animal leather. 

Furthermore, an ever-growing portion of consumers has developed a greater sensitivity in considering all animals as individuals, sentient beings, and undercover investigations and animal rights organizations' exposés within farms have opened many people's eyes.

However, until recently, the limited alternative options to animal leather presented some issues regarding their environmental impact. Vegan leathers (or erroneously called "pleather") were predominantly derived from petroleum, often in the form of PVC.  With the emergence of a growing focus on sustainability and the industry's environmental impact, more experts have focused their research on finding a solution to the problem: plant-based and vegan leathers. Thanks to recent innovations in the field of high-quality alternative materials to leather, such as apple leather, corn leather, pineapple leather, cactus leather, mushroom leather, and other plant-based leathers, vegan fashion is propelling into a new era where ethics and style merge, creating a disruptive force.

One of these extraordinary materials is apple leather, known as Apple Skin, used in most Miomojo models and the brand-new Love Bag Eva born from the collaboration between PINKO and Miomojo. Apple Skin represents an intelligent solution for utilizing the waste resulting from apple juice production: it collects the leftovers from juice production in Alto Adige (with a zero waste and circularity perspective), while the remaining pulp, seeds, peels, cores, and other residues undergo dehydration processes, ground into a fine powder, and mixed with binders (including polyurethane, which significantly enhances its strength and durability). This method allows for a drastic reduction in the use of plastic compared to traditional faux leather, which is usually composed of 100% polyurethane. As a result, for every kilogram of apple leather used instead of PU, 5.28 kg of CO2 emissions are saved, without the need to sacrifice any animal lives for the production of this exquisite vegan material.

We are incredibly proud of the result achieved: Apple Skin is resistant and durable, ensuring that your bag will withstand the test of time. But its qualities don't end there: the material offers an incredibly authentic appearance to the point that no one will believe that a Miomojo bag is not made of genuine leather. Apple leather proves to be incredibly versatile, capable of emulating the grainy feel of some animal leathers, but it can also be finely smoothed, offering a soft texture to the touch, competing with the best animal leathers on the market. Apple Skin represents a powerful symbol of the remarkable progress in vegan fashion research and innovation in recent years, unequivocally demonstrating that there are no more excuses to persist in animal exploitation. Miomojo is a tangible example of this positive transformation, building a kind and compassionate future for the Planet, People, and Animals that inhabit it.

We are very proud to announce the extraordinary collaboration with PINKO for the creation

of the first Love Bag Eva, an authentic work of art made entirely from Apple Skin.

Through a journey of small steps, Miomojo is determinedly introducing alternative fashion into the Italian and international fashion system, breaking patterns and conventions.

The Love Bag Eva, the tangible result of this unprecedented partnership,

is now available at over 100 exclusive boutiques worldwide.

The Love Bag Eva is the emblem of a new approach that embraces sustainability, ethics, and respect for the environment. It is an invitation to embark on a path of change toward a kinder fashion world.

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