Return to Routine: How to Back-to-Work Style

As summer holidays come to an end (sob), it's time to ease back into our everyday lives and return to our routines – including our wardrobes. Here's how to get new-season fashion right and feel great in what you're wearing, while minimising your impact on the environment.

Have a clear-out. It may be time to reassess your wardrobe, to see what still works and what needs a refresher. Have a look at what's in your wardrobe – when was the last time you wore this item, and when's the next time you plan on wearing it? If you haven't worn it for a year, chances are you probably won't wear it again, and if that's the case, it may be headed for the donation pile or a swap party. Conversely, this is an occasion to look at what's missing in your wardrobe and what you might be looking to add in the new season.

Get ready to layer. Wearing layers is the key to nailing autumnal dressing. Lightweight jackets, structured blazers, and mid-weight scarves are great tools for getting layers right. Pair your favourite back-to-the office blouse with a chunky cardigan, or top your vegan leather jacket with a faux-fur vest for chilly-weather chic. You'll be ready for anything the weather might bring – and you'll look stylish all the way to winter and beyond.

Choose the right accessories. No look is complete without strategically chosen shoes and bags. These extras really do have the power to make or break the outfit, so make sure your selection matches your life, needs, and wardrobe. Essential accessories include a good daytime tote bag like the Miomojo Clarissa 2 in 1, a pair of comfortable yet chic ankle boots, a pair of weekend trainers and a colourful off-duty crossbody like the Miomojo Mimi in an autumnal orange. And speaking of autumnal hues...

Explore a new colour palette. Cosy and effortlessly chic, autumnal tones are favoured by many fashionistas – but don't feel like you have to limit yourself to earthy hues, neutrals and all things pumpkin spice. A new season can be a time to step out of your comfort zone and try new hues. Experiment with colours that make your wardrobe feel alive. Choose accessories in colours that will add interest to your renewed wardrobe, like deep wine burgundy or an easy-to-match tan. Or, to really shake things up, go for a vibrant colour to brighten up darker days.

Take an ethical style revolution. Much like the New Year, autumn is a time for new beginnings – and that can include your wardrobe. As you do your clear-out, think of changes you might want to make to ensure your style treads lightly on the planet. Take stock of your shopping habits and gradually introduce any changes you might want to make when it comes to ethical dressing. For example, why not make this the season you stop buying animal skins or give up fast fashion? Take an “autumn resolution” to make your wardrobe as kind as it can be. 

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