What Does it Mean to Be A B-Corp?

Here at Miomojo, we aspire at being more than a business. We stand for quality and Italian elegance – but beyond this exterior lies a desire to truly improve the planet and make a positive impact. Our aim has always been to create fashion that values the lives of humans and animals, as well as our home, this Earth. We know that everything we do as humans has an impact on the world around us, on humans and other animals, and we aim to be mindful of this in every aspect of our work. And our customers agree: our research shows at 75% of consumers value sustainability.

For this reason, one of our proudest achievements is achieving a B-Corp certification in 2022. Out of all the companies in the world, only approximately 6,500 companies (out of over 140,000 applicants) hold this certification, which stands for a commitment to the environment and social justice. Achieving this certification is seen as a gold standard for sustainability and dedication to improving production to ensure a more positive impact on the world. For us, being awarded this certification means that we are truly on our way in what we set out to do, especially considering that B Corps are still a rarity in the world of fashion.

Founded by B Labs, the B Corp certification sets out to measure a company's impact on the planet, humans, and communities. ccording to BLab's guidelines, impact measurement occurs by considering 5 impact areas: 

1.    Governance: This assesses how a company's governance structure aligns with its social and environmental mission, ensuring accountability and transparency across all stakeholders.

2.    Workers: This evaluates the company's treatment of its workforce, focusing on fair wages, benefits, job satisfaction, diversity, and other employee-related aspects.

3.    Community: This measures the company's engagement with and support for local communities through various initiatives and practices.

4.    Environment: This assesses the company's environmental footprint, including its energy usage, waste management, and overall impact on natural resources.

5.    Customers: This evaluates the company's commitment to providing safe, ethical, and sustainable products and services to its customers.

These areas collectively form the Impact Assessment, and the company must demonstrate transparency by allowing information about their performance, verified according to B Lab's standards, to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab's website. In addition to B Corp Certification, Miomojo also holds the legal status of a benefit corporation (a legal status conferred by state law in the United States, and implemented in Italy since January 1, 2016.), further attesting to the company's environmental and social commitment in its corporate charter.


For Miomojo, being mindful of the environment is at the core of our philosophy – and we constantly strive to advance in this area. Through our lifecycle assessment, using the cradle-to-gate approach, we measure and evaluate the impact our products have. Factors we look into include global warming, the use of water and resources, and eutrophication (accumulation of phosphates and nitrites from pesticides and other industrial substances). We then compare the results with industry standards to ensure that our impact is consistently lower – and aim to improve our results even further.

Furthermore, choosing to work with vegan materials, especially plant leathers, over animal skins means that our production treads more lightly on the planet – the immense impact of animal agriculture on the environment and its contribution to global warning and deforestation, along with its intense water use, means that leather derived from animals is being increasingly questioned by the industry. Our choice of materials such as apple leather, corn leather and cactus leather lessens our impact and saves animal lives: leather kills around one billion animals per year. Supporting next-generation material innovation is key in progressing the sustainability shift that fashion needs.

Being a B Corp is proof of Miomojo's unwavering commitment to ethical and socially responsible conduct. We are proud and honoured to be part of the global movement of B Corps, and we will always strive to use business as a force for a kinder world. 

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